Quickly bring a drug that can treat all or part of cognitive, behavioral and sensory to patients with Fragile X syndrome, both children and adults. This website presents you the scientific reasons that allow us to think that this hope is real. For this hope materializes, we need your help and support.

Dr Sylvain BRIAULT

FRAXADev needs additional funding to initiate a clinical study with patients.

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Scientific Method

The scientific method is simply explained in 5 steps

Development Plan

The Development plan explains the why we have deep hopes for an upcoming treatment

Orléans Hospital : Promoter of FRAXAHope I clinical trial


Implementation of FRAXAHope I in order to demonstrate the BMS-204352 efficiency on adults with Fragile X syndrome.

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Le Goeland Association

May 30th, 2015, Dr Sylvain Briault presented his team INEM-UMR7355’s work to the members of the association…

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The organization itself does not own enough funding necessary to develop a new drug. If you would like to help so we can move faster.

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